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I bet you dont know what PDQ stands for!

So I went to this local restaurant called PDQ that's in my area, Sanford, FL. I had to talk to the manager, Mimi who's very beautiful after tasting this lovely food. I just had to find out about this corn thatbwas in my bowl. Now PDQ is very known for their chicken tenders I believe. But I decided to do something a little different, a Healthy Bowl salad. So Jillian who is the representative in the front took my order. With this place being so busy with no place to sit of course along with them following covid regulations, I didn't know where I was going to eat.

Julian recommended this wonderful Cali bowl after me being indecisive that had chicken, guacamole,

PDQ Cali Bowl

bashmati rice, black beans, broccoli which is wonderful and the sauteed corn.

Now about this corn that has this sauce. As mentioned, I justbhad to investigate this recipe with this corn. So I got the recipe and Mimi said, you going to make huh. So it has Harisa, sour cream, lime and Adobe seasoning. But I was honest, I replied yes and no.

So, because you have someone's recipe, doesn't mean you can duplicate it exactly. I mean I give recipes out all the time but that still doesn't stop me from geting book. What I normally do is add my own touch., my own flare to it.

So as I stated they are following covid19 regulations and yes they are definitely open for business. Stay tuned to this amazing, very filling bowl when you stop in your next PDQ. ..Oh the customer service is great, I highly recommend heading over to your local PDQ.

For those that don't know PDQ is Pretty Dorn Quick fresh food fast!

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