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Mentorship Program

Learn how to be successful in business in 6 Months

Presented by Award-Winning Celebrity Chef Ju'von

Most, if not all, of us, can remember that magic moment in our careers when someone older, wiser, and more skilled took an interest in us.


Mentors play a particularly meaningful role in the lives of upcoming chefs or business owners. Influential mentors champion young chefs, offering them an invaluable experience that can round out formal training and prepare them for career longevity. 


Here, Award-Winning Celebrity Chef Ju'von will create a one-on-one time for you and him to help you in your career or season you for your passion in cooking in business, social media, and more. 


But still as a Mentee, you are required to ask as many questions and to take the lead on growing. As a mentee, you should show gratitude for the valued information Chef will be giving you. 

In our program you would cover so much...

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