Private Event Catering

We’ll help in creating the perfect vision to cater your private event in your home.  

Raspberry Caesar Salad

Romaine Lettuce tossed lightly with a creamy caesar dressing, homemade Italian croutons top off with fresh raspberries, asiago & parmesan cheese.

Thai Chicken Salad

Chicken Breast folded in our Thai peanut sauce, tahini and peanuts stuffed in sweet chard peppers


Fried Ravioli

Our Ravioli is stuffed with a ricotta mix cheese, tossed in a panko bread crumb and is served with warm marinara sauce made in house


Vidalia Onion Braised Chicken

Fried chicken is slowly infused with Vidalia onions then baked off to finish with this Vidalia onion sauce.


Jerk Shrimp and Grits

Tiger Shrimp marinated in a jerk seasoning topped over slowly cooked grits in chicken broth, milk, goat cheese, parmesan cheese and covered with our butter parma beurre blanc sauce.

Tuna Nicoise Salad

Canned tuna tossed with an Olive oil red wine vinaigrette, fresh garlic, fresh trimmed green beans, a mix green lettuce, cherry grape tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and fresh parsley and olives

Fried Beignets

Fried dough dusted with powder sugar

Buffalo Meatballs

Buffalo meatballs are made with fresh grinned herbs, tossed in buffalo sweet sauce then served on a bed of arugula

Fried Chicken

Chicken marinated in our own spice mix fried in peanut oil to crisp

Baked Bbq Chicken

Chicken is slowly braised with our signature bbq sauce and spices

Mix Green Salad

Mix greens, fresh raspberries, cornbread croutons, toasted pecans, crumbled goat cheese and grilled peaches (according to season Sauteed pears in white wine)

Burrata Salad

Fresh heirloom tomatoes topped with creamy burrata cheese, drizzled with a balsamic glaze, a robust EVO, flor del sel, cracked black pepper and garnished with fresh oregano

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon is placed on toasted french buttered crostinis topped with Honey goat cheese, shallots and sided with caramelized lemons and fried capers

Sesame Glazed Salmon

Fresh salmon marinated in white wine, soy sauce, and brown sugar then seared to perfection and finish with sesame seeds and more glaze

Chicken Piccata 

Lightly fried chicken breast based in a white wine butter sauce and capers finished with fresh parsley



Sweet Corn Cornbread
Hawaiian Rolls
Jalapeno CornBread
Garlic Rolls

Cheese Grits with corn and spring onions

Parma Rosa Penne Pasta

Penne ala Vodka

Yellow Seasoned Rice with mix veggies

Baked Cheese and Macaroni (with seafood is an additional $10 per person) 

Catering Services Pricing

Private Event $49.99 per person

Weddings $59.99 per person

Please note eve of every Holiday and the Holiday itself, there will be a Holiday rate applied.


plus tax & 18% gratuity