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We are offering a convenient and affordable kitchen rental for small food-based businesses. Located in Sanford, Florida, we rent to businesses from all over Central Florida including Orlando, Deltona, Seminole County, Orange County and more.

If you are looking to grow your food business, a commissary kitchen is a great choice. We offer our commercial kitchens at hourly rates and monthly rates to fit with your schedule and business needs.

Some of our kitchen renters are bakers, food truck owners, caterers, coffee roasters, food packaging, CBD makers and more.

Here's what we offer for $30 hrly:
1 large prep room with food prep sink, and prep steel tables

1 large room with all cooking essentials including a 40 lb fryer
4-burner gas range
flat top and char broiler 
double convection ovens
immersion blender
Double door Freezer

Double door refrigerator

speed rack

hot box

pots, pans and other cooking equipment
prep tables
crock pot
dumpster for trash disposal-renters are responsible for trash bags

Dishwasher machine
Vacuum sealer-renter is responsible for press bags)


Please read below to see if our kitchen would be a good fit for your business.

-All renters will need to obtain a food permit or a Safe Serve Managers Certificate for food businesses that package food and sell retail or wholesale or DBPR for food trucks, food carts or caterers. 

-All renters must have a business registered with Sunbiz.

-All renters must hold a business insurance policy with Chef Ju'von's Personal Chef Services added as an additional insured. Proof of insurance will be required. If someone is working with you while on premises, they too must be on the insurance unless otherwise from any agency can be proven by documentation or app.

-All renters will have a card on file that will be charged the day of rental

-To make sure our kitchen stays clean for all of our members, renters are responsible for cleaning the space used during their shift. Cleaning time must be completed during your scheduled time. We also do a once-a-week deep cleaning of the kitchen and preform regular pest control.

-If you would like to schedule time to tour our kitchen, please reach out to us directly to schedule something. You may also email however you will be asked to fill out the form below so that we can get an idea of what your business is and what you are looking for in a commissary.

-Kitchens, entry and back parking lots are equipped with security cameras for your safety and ours.

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