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Interactive Cooking Eggcperience

The Interactive Cooking Eggcperience is cooking class in which is a in person cooking eggcperience. More than a dinner. Right alongside Award-Winning Chef, Chef Ju'von and his charismatic personality, everyone gets their own basket of ingredients, stove, and cooking utensils.

A fix three course menu is cooked and eaten by you and friends of choice as well listen to music, learn and have fun.

Everyone would learn the do's, the don't of what we eat. The how's and why's we prepare and clean what we eat as well.

Lot's of fun and different from the norm of a plated dinner, but yet still our type of boujee style. 


Groups, date night, ladies night, and others are welcome. 

Each person rate is $125 per person plus tax, and inflation . Everything is provided besides beverages, plates, and eating utensils. And everyone gets a FREE surprise prior to cooking. 

Please inquire utilizing this link below;

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