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A Restaurant experience for a Chef

Hello, If you don't know who I am and haven't had the opportunity to google me, my name is Chef Ju'von. I am a Personal Chef at heart, but is an Award Winning Celebrity Chef from New York City. I have cooked and had the pleasure of being a

Chef to a multitude of celebrities including Laron Profit, Rick Ross and others of the NBA players in the bubble in Orlando Florida such as Kyle Kuzma and JaVale McGee, just to name a few. I believe I have made a large contribution of making reviews on Google for so long to the point I am helping them generate and increase their income. So why not do my own reviews?

I have been a Chef for many years but also doing reviews on restaurants that I visit on google. I have had some bad experiences and I've had some good ones.

So why not read from chef's prospective?

I am not only going to give you my honest opinion on the food but too the customer service experience. When I go out, most of the time I make sure the place of establishment knows I am an EXECUTIVE PERSONAL CHEF looking for a great experience. Sometime I do that by having my assistant Melissa call ahead or I make it known uppon uppon arriving. Other times I simply wear my company shirt or an Executive Chef Coat.

With the establishment knowing this, sometimes I win and sometimes I still don't. What I mean by that is, being that I have been in the food industry for so many years, can you imagine what I may go through? The things I see when dining? I mean I know what great customer service looks when I see it. I especially know because I try to give it myself 100% through my business, Chef Ju'von's Personal Chef Services that has been established since 2006.

Sometimes I get a server that approaches my table like in 2 mins. That's entirely too long to be waiting on a server. If you want to learn more about timings in greetings and everything that comes with servering, a great place to go to is Texas Roadhouse. Not that the food is all great and all but because it's a hit or miss. I believe they have a great protocol when it comes to serving. Well, I use to work there as a server so I know. The training can be a little hard.

One of the best things I took from working there was the rule when to drop the check. It was a great rule to implement when serving. Dropping the bill after your two min check on the guest gives the them time when they want to pay their bill and not have to look for their server. And it doesn't mean your bill is closed, it's just means that the guest doesn't have to wait on you as the server to bring it to them. They can either pay utilizing the online app or they can leave the card or method of pay on the table.

That's just one of the features I love. So moving forward I hope you like my reviews and trust me it will be to the T.... trust me they will be on point!

Happy Reading... let me know what you think. And remember #ServedwithEggclence #AtHomeFineDinning with #ChefJuvonsPersonalChefServices


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